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Elm Hill Brides welcomes you back........ By Appointment Only and fully Covid-19 Compliant

.... Brides may bring two guests for us to enable and respect social distancing .... 

.... Please bring your own Mask and Gloves with you. Hand Sanitiser will be provided ....

.... Our methods of payment will remain to be by Card or Bank Transfer ....

We look forward to continuing success in providing the best quality service to our beautiful Brides-to-be

Elm Hill Brides

a family business

- est 2011 - 

Elm Hill Brides opened its doors on the day of Kate and William's Royal Wedding in April 2011. The shop has been growing its reputation as the go-to destination for bridal wear
and accessories, proudly stocking a collection of the finest quality, unique and different bridal gowns which flatter all body types. Budget conscious brides will be pleased to know
that retail prices start from £900 rising to £2,500.  Bargains can be snapped up for much less in our frequent sample sales with prices from £50 


The bridal boutique, centrally located in Norwich's historic Cathedral quarter, houses a stunning selection of dresses, set against the City's oldest and most charming cobbled street,
Elm Hill. Enchanting!


Joanna Loton established Elm Hill Brides after a long and successful career as a Norfolk Midwife. Alongside her husband Graham who manages networking & marketing, and her
daughter Samantha who assists with bridal buying & promotional design, they make a successful family team with impeccable customer service at the forefront.



What our Brides think about us...


"Exclusive yet Affordable"


"High Quality dresses for Brides looking for something Different"


"A very friendly,

Non-Pretentious service"


Contact Joanna





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Information about your Appointment:

Elm Hill Brides takes pride in giving you special treatment, and so your appointment time is all about 

giving YOU and your guests an enjoyable and memorable buying experience!


What to bring with you:

  • Bring with you an appropriate bra, in the style you are intending to wear on your wedding day.

  • Bring a pair of shoes with the heel height of the shoes you intend to wear with your wedding dress.


We kindly ask if you could:

  • Please not wear heavy make, perfumes or body tanning products.

  • Have clean hands

  • Please refrain from taking photographs without permission. 


Please note:

  •  To keep the floor and therefore the dresses as clean as possible, when entering the boutique, we will ask yourself and your guests to remove your shoes. Over shoes can be provided !​

  • May we suggest you only bring two or three people whose opinions you value the most!​ When it comes to choosing a dress, more is not always merrier!


Happy Elm Hill Brides Gallery

Just a few of the many happy Brides who purchased their dream dress from Elm Hill Brides. They all looked stunning on their big day!

Beautiful Bride Jenna

Beautiful Bride Jes
Beautiful Bride Jes
Beautiful Bride Hannah
Beautiful Bride Hannah